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What Makes Weight Loss Effective And Why?

Weight loss is an issue which plagues many people not just in America but all around the globe. There are numerous ways in which weight loss may be achieved however various programs may not always be effective for all individuals. When choosing a specific program for weight loss it is necessary to consider several factors before making a decision. Some ...

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The Health Benefits Of The 5:2 Fast Diet

weight loss fast diet 5:2 fast diet

The 5:2 Fast Diet is believed to improve the health and function of the brain and heart along with other organs. Also, you are less likely to develop certain cancers and more likely to improve your life longevity. Fasting is a type of hormesis, a process whereby organisms exposed to low levels of stress or toxins become more resistant to ...

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Why Weight Loss Reduces Physical Stress

weight loss reduces physical stress

We all know that being overweight can produce many negative side effects on your physical and mental health. Heart attack, stroke and diabetes are three of the most common. Some of the other less talked about but equally damaging are stress on your muscles and joints. It’s a fact: weight loss reduces physical stress. Getting rid of some stress can ...

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How Weight Loss And Sexuality Work Together

weight loss

Most of us know that sex can be a lot of work, that doesn’t deter anyone of course, but it can be work! Any type of physical activity is harder when you are out of shape, that’s just a fact. Sex is one of those physical activities. Weight loss and sexuality do play off each other, the more in shape ...

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Water Fasting for Weight Loss

weight loss lose weight Fasting

One of the best ways to lose weight is water fasting. Instead of burning off calories you can simply leave them in the refrigerator. Water fasting grants many great health benefits. One of these is the rapid cleansing of the body. Yes, water fasting is a very effective way to detoxify. Can water fasting also help you lose weight, improve ...

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