5 Exercises For Men to Do at Home

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As a man, building strength in your arms, legs, neck, shoulders and core (torso) is smart for so many reasons. Benefits to having a stronger, more fit physique include having a faster resting metabolism, looking more attractive, being more able-bodied for doing physical labor or sports, and being able to recover faster from certain types of physical injuries.

Many guys do not have the ability to join a gym due to time or budget constraints. Others just prefer not to work out in a room full of strangers in what often is an environment lacking fresh air. For these men, having the ability to train their body at home offers some real advantages.

These days, many people are finding ways to transform a small corner of their home, garage or yard into a personal fitness area. Even without investing in expensive workout equipment, you can find ways to stay in tip-top shape by working out at home.

If you are looking to build more muscle while keeping your heart in shape, here are 5 exercises for men to do at home:

1. Chin-ups & pull-ups:
Chin-ups and pull-ups both require access to an inexpensive pull-up bar or horizontal beam in order to do them at home. And, the small investment is worth it. You can put a bar up without screws inside a door frame in less than 5 minutes. And, the workout you get from pulling your body weight up and then lowering it back down is tremendous.

Chin-ups involve facing your palms toward you and placing them onto the bar. They work your biceps and shoulders, in particular. Meanwhile, pull-ups involve facing your palms away from you, with a slightly wider grip. They give your biceps and deltoids a great burn. Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps each.

2. Incline push-ups:
Incline push-ups work like regular push-ups, but they involve elevating your feet 2-3 feet off of the ground first. Get a wooden crate, side of a couch or a chair and elevate your feet. Then, get into standard push-up position, with hands on the ground or floor. This exercise focuses particular attention on your upper chest and triceps muscles. Do 2 sets of at least 20-30 reps each (or as many as you can do at once). Maintain proper form by keeping your back as straight as possible.

3. Sissy squats:
Sissy squats are NOT for sissies! They are named after Sisyphus, a Greek god. This exercise works your quadriceps, or the front of your legs.

To do them, stand with legs shoulder-width apart. While keeping your hips and waist straight, bend your knees and allow your upper body to “tip” backwards, while your knees come forward. Allow your heels to come up off of the floor. Lower your body until your knees are fully-flexed (bent). Then, return to your original position, straightening your knees and returning to the original standing position. Try doing 2 sets of 10 each. For more of a challenge, hold a flat weight against your chest with one arm.

4. Chair dips:
Doing chair dips is a great way to work your triceps for stronger arms. To do them, place two chairs next to you, one on either side and at slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Place each palm on the seat of one of the chairs. Then, push yourself up and off of the ground until your arms are extended. Avoid locking out your arms. Then, lower yourself back down to the ground. Repeat 10-12 times, doing 2-3 sets. You will really feel the burn with this one.

5. Slalom jumps:
Here is a great aerobic exercise that will get your heart pumping, while also working your legs and your core: slalom jumps. Start by creating a line on the ground, using a rope, string or other material. Stand on one side of the line, with feet together. Jump to the other side without touching it. Repeat for as many times as you can. Try jumping as fast as you can. You can gauge your progress by either jumping more times within a given time period or by just jumping more total times before you get tired.

The beauty of each of these 5 exercises is that you can do them at home while giving your entire body a great workout.

Check out this muscle-building guide that requires no weights or equipment, designed by the go-to-guy trainer of elite warriors, special ops, and Navy Seals: Commando Body Training Guide.

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