10 Effective Ways To Quickly Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight, getting rid of belly fat and maintaining a healthy weight is a constant struggle, believe me, I am fighting that battle just like you. Before us lies this gigantic ocean of weight loss programs and sometimes it feels like we might drown. I’ve been on this never ending rollercoaster since high school and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. The biggest dilemma we face is the intimidating search to find the best weight loss program that will actually work for us. And why should that be negative? Every time we take up a new diet program for weight loss, it should feel like an exciting adventure! Don’t get discouraged, if a program doesn’t suit you, simply start a new one! Brimming with some of the top weight loss programs, give this article a read. You may find something that could bring you closer to your goal weight!


Examples of Easy Weight Reduction Programs

#1 The Master Cleanse Diet Makes You Lose Weight Fast.
                  Fast weight loss programs are hard to come by. Alternatively known as the Lemonade Diet, the Master Cleanse has gained a great deal of popularity within the celebrity community. The premise is weight loss from restriction and detoxification of the digestive system by only only drinking a salt water concoction in the morning, a lemonade drink throughout the day, and an herbal laxative tea before bedtime. The duration of this program is a total of ten days. You are forbidden to consume any solid foods and have to completely dedicate yourself to the diet’s routines.

This rapid weight loss program is undeniably extreme yet, it is undoubtedly effective. I lost weight in the first few days, though I ended up stopping on day six after giving in to a salad. Though the pounds quickly dropped off, I craved real food! I can attest that the lemonade drink made from organic lemon juice, organic maple syrup, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and filtered water actually tasted rather yummy. I just wanted more substance in my diet and didn’t have the motivation to complete the full ten days. But don’t let my abruptness dissuade you, if you want to lose weight quickly and easily, the Master Cleanse diet may be a fantastic option to consider!



#2 A Raw Diet Is A Healthy Way To Drop Those Unwanted Pounds.
                    When you cook food items like vegetables, the heat can destroy the food’s nutritional properties. When you sear some tasty vegetables, you may think you are eating healthy. Though you may be eating nutritious food, there are plenty healthful benefits that you might be missing out on. The Raw Food Diet is the healthiest weight loss program that combines unprocessed, organic, and uncooked vegetables and fruits, as well as grains and raw eggs or meat in some cases.

I have completed two weeks of this program for weight loss and I definitely noticed that my clothes were fitting significantly looser. My energy levels soared through the ceiling and I relished how my time in the kitchen was cut entirely in half. I consumed delicious smoothies and enjoyed munching a variety of fresh vegetables. This diet truly made me appreciate the simplicity and natural flavor of foods. Whether you are a vegan or a meat eater, the Raw Food Diet is painless to adopt and can seriously impact both your weight and health.




#3 The Ketogenic Diet Is A Guilt Free Way To Lose Weight.
                      Are you absolutely fed up with food restrictions? Having to reduce and regulate the amount of food you consume in a day is not only a challenge, but it can induce hunger and diminish the motivation to stick to whatever diet you are attempting to follow. If you want to eat as much as you desire while drastically losing weight, the Ketogenic Diet is not only appropriate, but is one of the most effective weight loss programs.

All you have to do is cut out carbohydrates from your meals. Consuming primarily healthy fats and moderate protein tricks your body into a starvation-like mode. Instead of functioning on the glucose that comes from digested carbohydrates, the body begins to use its own stored fat for energy. The hardest part of this fat loss weight program? You have to retrain your brain and allow yourself the pleasure of eating once thought prohibited foods like bacon, full fat dressings, and all dairy products. Score! This diet is one of the preferred weight loss programs for men as many bodybuilders eliminate carbs to aid in gaining lean muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage. Though you have to maintain attentiveness and keep a consistent record of the amount of carbohydrates in what you eat, I found this diet to be liberating, enjoyable, and impressive.




#4 You Can Completely Alter Your Cravings With the Fruit Flush Diet.
                        I cannot rant and rave about this program enough. Though I admittedly extended it two days past the three day plan, I couldn’t believe how my unhealthy cravings disappeared for the following days to come. By using the Fruit Flush Diet, you allow your digestive system to take a much needed break from any harmful processed foods previously consumed. The first day a protein shake is sipped every two hours between 8am to 4pm. You can choose your dinner, consisting of either half an avocado paired with a small portion of lean protein or a light and raw salad. The following two days you are instructed to consume scheduled one hundred calorie servings of fruit every two hours. You later eat the same dinner each evening as that of day one.

Unfortunately besides the protein shakes on day one, you are prohibited from drinking anything other than water throughout the diet plan. You cannot even have a cup of coffee in the morning! You are also barred from using any form of sweetener, seasonings, or cooking oils besides flaxseed or olive oil. All restrictions aside, the Fruit Flush Diet only lasts for three days!

You can easily kick bad food habits and will even start to crave wholesome cuisine. The diet claims you can lose up to nine pounds, I lost a significant amount of weight and felt completely rejuvenated. Note of advice, the biggest mistake anyone can make after the completion of a lose weight program is to revert to previous eating habits. If you lose weight after putting yourself through a diet and immediately consume unhealthy foods thereafter, you negate the progress achieved. We don’t want to take two steps backward and be smothered by guilt, so put down the cookies and keep trekking ahead!




#5 The Baby Food Diet Is Not My Favorite Program To Lose Weight, But It Sure Did Wonders!

                          We all remember the insane antics that wrestlers in high school took part in, just to make their weight class. Many would chew gum to stimulate salvation and spit in a cup throughout class in order to lose as much water weight as possible. I can also recall watching a wrestler or two eat from a tiny baby food jar in the middle of class. Curious as to the reasoning behind consuming baby food, as an adult I researched this “diet” online and gave it a go.

The Baby Food Diet has to be the most radical programs I have ever tried. The logic behind this diet is ultimately weight loss or the maintenance of previous weight loss by calorie restriction and portion control. Many of us have difficulty consuming moderate portions of food within our meals. This program can completely change what you believe to be an adequate amount of food during meals.

Take one or two meals and replace them with several baby food jars of any flavor. The texture and taste of baby food can be difficult to stomach, but after finding what is palatable, the Baby Food Diet helps to balance and maintain the amount of food your body requires to function. Once I became accustomed to eating baby food for my breakfast and lunch, I began to look forward to a balanced dinner, and I even found myself becoming satisfied by a smaller portion than I was used to. This diet can become expensive, and I sincerely applaud the mothers and fathers who afford this food source for their children. Though I could not continue the Baby Food Diet for longer than a week, I learned a valuable lesson of restraint and portion regulation.




#6 The French/Mediterranean Diet Is the Safest Weight Loss Program.
                            Ever wonder why French women stay thin or how Italians live so long? I believe the secret lies within their diets. The French and Mediterranean Diets are similar healthy weight loss programs that emphasize the consumption of fresh, quality foods. The meal portions are significantly smaller than American courses and both diets treat every course like an occasion, taking the time to fully savor each bite.

The Mediterranean Diet incorporates primarily plant based foods such as legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Olive oil is used for cooking and red meat is seldom consumed. Instead of utilizing salt for flavor, the Mediterranean Diet reduces the intake of sodium by relying on a variety of spices.

The French Diet is slightly more geared towards the category of weight loss programs for women. This is not to say that men cannot follow the diet plan, as I am currently testing its efficiency. I can happily report steady weight loss and a very satisfied pallet.

Both of these diets help you in developing a healthy relationship with food. If you treat food the way it deserves, it will love you back! Meals are shared and thoroughly savored with loved ones. You will learn to allow your brain and body enough time to become full satisfied from wholesome and fresh ingredients.




#7 Warning: Unless You Consume A Raw Or Natural Food, Mono Diets Are Not the Healthiest Way To Lose Weight.

                              Just like many of you, I am vulnerable to certain foods and sometimes, even if I have just a taste, I cannot stop myself from eating the entire volume! Though I will admit, I did lose a few pounds after completing a Mono Diet, the side effects were too much for me to handle.

A Mono Diet is the consumption of a single food item, containing few or a single ingredient. You are allowed to eat whenever and however much of the food as you desire but you cannot drink or eat anything else. This even includes chewing gum. I realize now that a vegetable or fruit would have been a much more wise choice, but I decided to complete two, separate three day Mono Diets of peanut butter and of chocolate.

By consuming a single food in excess, your body does not recognize it after a certain point. The food item then may not completely be digested. Many people report this diet to be similar to fasting, where one abstains from consuming any food at all. Though I lost inches off my waist, I could not help but feel this diet to be lacking in nutrition and health.

Regardless of a Mono Diet’s faults, if you are extremely addicted to a particular food type, you might find that you no longer wish to consume it after the diet. Out of necessity, I ate so much peanut butter that I began feeling ridiculously nauseous at even the thought of putting another spoonful in my mouth! Any food is not exactly unhealthy if consumed in moderation. But if you seriously want to swear off chocolate, try a Mono Diet. It could really put food into perspective for you!



There Is No Shame In Getting Help To Lose Weight!

#8 Online Weight Loss Programs Are Beyond Convenient.
                                Sometimes it is difficult to follow a diet weight loss program without a little help. The internet is your friend, take advantage of this resource! There is an endless supply of smartphone apps that can help you track your calorie intake, as well as apps that give you exercises to follow. On the web, tons of programs are at your disposal.

Diet.com is a highly rated diet plan that provides you with fitness know-how, support from an enormous weight loss community, and many dietary resources. You can choose from a variety of diet plans and can track your fitness throughout your adventure. Diet.com offers sincere motivation and encouragement from an extremely supportive community.

Another online program is eDiets. Similarly to Diet.com, eDiets allows you the freedom to choose which diet you want. You can even customize a diet specific to your needs… with a small fee of course! eDiets may not be one of the free weight loss programs, but it definitely has helped a great deal of people.




#9 Why Not Seek Doctor Recommended Weight Loss Programs?
                                  Consulting our doctors for nearly every lifestyle aspect is advice that has been drilled into our heads since we were kids. Guess what? This is actually valuable advice! Doctors are a walking encyclopedia of knowledge pertaining to our health and not only can they be a wonderful resource, they actually care and want to help us. By simply opening up a dialog with a medical professional, they can help determine a weight loss solution for you.

A great deal of doctors recommend Weight Watchers. This program for losing weight is genius because it secretly gears you towards healthier food choices. Without forbidding foods, Weight Watchers assigns a specific amount of points to each food item, and all you have to do is shoot for your targeted point amount determined by your personal goals. They offer extensive tracking and charting tools as well as exercise and recipe ideas. Weight Watchers is a prime example that safe weight loss programs exist and can alter your lifestyle for the better.




#10 Let Them Eat… Soup!
                                    The Cabbage Soup Diet is older than time itself and if you have never tried it, take on this regimen! Known by many names such as the Sacred Memorial Hospital Diet or the Cleveland Clinic Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet is one of the many medical weight loss programs. This diet plan was specifically created for overweight patients with a heart condition that needed to lose weight before an upcoming surgery. However, anyone can use this program. It is yet another potent program that I have taken part in.

This diet plan lasts only a week and has a specific food intake each day. You start off by making the soup using a recommended recipe of scrumptious ingredients like green peppers and stewed tomatoes. The first day you eat fruit excluding bananas and a portion of soup while the second day, vegetables and the cabbage soup are consumed. Each day has specific instructions as to which foods are to be avoided and which are welcomed. If you have seven days, and you want a simple and comforting program, experiment with the Cabbage Soup Diet and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results!



#11 Here Is A Shocker, Prepare Yourself: You Can Lose Weight With Exercise!
                                      I wish so desperately that dieting was the only factor in losing weight. Unfortunately we cannot sit on the couch all day munching carrots and expect our bodies to miraculously shed unwanted pounds. By utilizing a weight loss exercise program, you can further and even speed up the rate at which you lose weight.

There are endless possibilities for exercise. Even a simple household task like vacuuming can count as a workout. The key is making an effort to move. Getting out of the house for a morning walk is a refreshing exercise that has minimal impact on your joints. Perhaps you want to be a little more committed? Why not join a gym! Whether you want to exercise in or out of the house, with or without equipment, there are three basic workout categories that you should consider for a weight reduction program: cardio, weightlifting, and resistance training.

Cardio is basically any exercise that increases your heart rate. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens muscles, your heart, your lungs, reduces stress levels, increases energy levels, and effectively burns fat. Bike, jog, or even hop in the pool for a swim and get that heart rate up!

Weightlifting is an excellent method of isolating different muscles in your body and strengthening them alongside your tendons, bone density, and connective tissues. Weights are not even necessary! You can use your own body’s mass by performing workouts like pushups and squats. Resistance training on the other hand, allows you to work against opposing weight. By working against this resistance, you can increase both endurance and strength. The Plank exercise is a simple and all-over beneficial method of resistance training that enhances core strength and incorporates most muscle groups.




Don’t Force Yourself To Settle- Finding the Right Program Specifically For You Will Bring You Closer To Your Weight Loss Goals.

                                        The adventure of losing weight can be hard enough on its own. You deserve to reach your goals and settling on a disliked program that does not suit your individual needs will only hinder and waste any effort you put in. Why should you squander your precious time on simply good weight loss programs when you can instead find something that fits!

Selecting exercises and a weight loss diet program has never been easier as they are constantly growing in abundance and are well within your grasp. Once I figured this out after a lifetime of research and executing many trial and error experiments, the fact that I couldn’t be the only one struggling to lose weight hit me like a rock. If I had found an article similar to what you are reading now, I wouldn’t have felt so overwhelmed and discouraged.

But the real question is, have you enjoyed this article? Your thoughts are more than welcomed and appreciated in the comment section below! If you feel this article may have helped you in any small way, share it with someone that might similarly benefit! Weight loss is absolutely possible, you just need to find what works for you. After all, you sincerely deserve it!